About Us

We make “Better than the Best”

To make and deliver such top quality , innovative home products which create endless smiles and countless delighted customers all over the Globe . We strive hard to achieve operational excellence , industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance. At DENEB, We don’t settle for the Best. We make Better than the Best.

To establish DENEB as a Gold Standard in Product Innovation, superior quality, best value proposition , superb service and enhanced customer satisfaction. We shall ensure that our products are welcomed in every home and in every corner of the world.

DENEB is committed to the best possible standards of quality and ensure that the customer satisfaction remains at the highest level. Top-level quality is achieved , maintained and improved by developing quality awareness , process improvement , training , measurement and development of our employees.

DENEB is dedicated to making the world a better place to live both today and in future by protecting our natural resources and actively seeking ways to minimise our environmental impact. We believe that in order to ensure sustainability it is utmost important to treat our people , resources , environment and community as our most precious asset.

We are committed to discovering more ways to create a workplace where our employees and business can thrive. We sincerely comply with all Rules, Regulations and Laws . We share all relevant information with our stakeholders , co-workers, customers, vendors and Government agencies. We conduct our business in principled, accountable and transparent manner.DENEB is committed to doing business fairly and honestly and prohibits giving or receiving bribes or gifts of any kind.

Corporate Responsibility at DENEB is a commitment to make innovative products for our customers while growing our business in a sustainable way. Corporate Responsibility is embedded in all that we do, because, we firmly believe that how we do is as important as what we do.

We strive to create an environment where our employees and co-workers are respected, feel safe and secure , satisfied fully with their personal and professional growth, and remain more happy at workplace than anywhere else. Our employee engagement is second to none. We prohibit economic exploitation of children under age of 18 or their employment in work that is harmful to their health, safety or morals. We prohibit work or service that is coerced or imposed with little or no freedom of choice. We offer best in the industry compensation and benefits to our employees and comply with all relevant laws and regulations.